Joan Williams: Description of the artwork
"Here, there and everywhere"

The painting work of Joan Williams is based on the creativity of an abstract representation of natural elements,structures and landscapes, real or imaginary forms and shapes.

The development of her art shows a sensitive interpretation of subject matter combined with the emotional selection of a wide palette of colours.

Through the abstract representation, one can feel the emotions which have originally influenced the creation of a specific piece of art representing maybe a place, a situation or a vision. Calm and quiet space is complemented by highly expressive and vibrant colours.

Quite regularly the paintings are structured into several distinct areas, each depicting a different aspect of a main theme. Different geometrical compositions are linked together by semi-transparent layers to form one harmonious whole. An abstract perspective naturally leads the viewer to different elements on the canvas. Sometimes the work takes the form of several images in one frame. As Joan Williams explains:"... this enables me to create the space and freedom to expand my thoughts and ideas without the usual limitations of 'one canvas equal one painting'..."This very intricate composition invites the observer to enjoy a journey of exploration to each of these areas.

The personal style of Joan Williams, a subtle expressionism, can be characterized by her love for the development of details inherent in the subject.

The work is executed mostly in oil or acrylics on canvas, small and large formats, sometimes as diptych or triptych assemblies.

In line with her principles of quality and artistic excellence, Joan Williams uses the medium on canvas and portrays her very personal interpretation of impressions, emotions and perceptions.